Pilates for Children

Why Pilates for Children??

The motivation for working with Children comes directly from Joseph H. Pilates himself, the founder of the Pilates method. In his life’s work and writing he was known to speak about the need to first educate the child. Mr. Pilates argued that habits are easily formed in childhood, both good and bad. If we focus on forming only good habits at a young age there will be less need later in life for correction.

He specifically spoke about the principles of developing both a balanced body and mind through correct breathing, mental control, and natural physical exercise. His method specified that “before any benefit can be derived from physical exercise, one must first learn how to breathe properly.”  If children learn Pilates at a young age, learn about their body mechanics, posture, breath, and the mental connection to each, they will grow with less wear and tear in general life activities and sport.

Students on our courses will learn physical skills while incorporating awareness of their body (focused awareness, concentration, coordination, healthy breathing, mindful movement and control of movement). Students strengthen the connections between building strength and flexibility while creating a strong connection to their body.  Pilates for Children focuses on agility, balance and coordination – all of which are now recognised as being vital for  physical and intellectual development. Every class incorporates traditional Pilates exercises disguised as play. We have two classes: 5-8′s and 9-12′s.